Things You Need to Know About Chafed Skins

28 May

Soon after completing a marathon, athletes are prone to feel some itchiness on their thighs. The reason for this is that the skin on the area is rubbed. Chafed skin is incredibly irritating, and if not taken care of, the care can get infected. Fortunately, being informed about it will help prevent and care for it. In this website at, you will get to know the causes, prevention and treatment of chafed.

One common cause about chaffing is wet skin. By this, it is not a guarantee that you will get the irritation by pouring water on yourself. Chafing can be caused by the smallest amount of sweat released when running. A preventative measure you can employ is applying a thin layer of talcum powder because it seals moisture during the run. Also, as soon as you are done running or working out, it is best to change your clothes.

Another cause is inadequate lubrication when exercising. One fact is that as one exercise, the skin rubs together. The rubbing causes friction which results into chaffed skin. In such a case, oil will come in handy. With the many options in the market, you might end up trying out different creams before finding your ideal one. Moreover, there is the option of taping nipple to stop your shirt from causing friction.

The type of material you choose has a significant role to play. Even though cotton is known for its effectiveness in different circumstances, it is not perfect when it comes to exercising. First, cotton takes long to dry. And, chaffing is caused by wet fabric rubbing on to skin. It would be highly advantageous to choose clothes made from synthetic fibers and wool. These fabrics are much comfortable when moving and keep moisture away.

It may be simply because your clothes are ill-fitting. Clothes that are too tight will cut into your skin. Besides, since less air will contact your skin, you will stay wet throughout. On the other hand, wearing baggy clothes increases the chances for friction. For this reason, it is advisable to ensure the clothes fit properly before working out in them. For more facts and information about skin care, go to

If your clothes are fitting yet they have tags or seams, chaffing is prone to occur. This means, you should try out the cloth and ensure the seams do not cause any friction. If you possible, avoid clothes with tags.

If you are dehydrated, there is a higher probability for your skin to get chaffed. Dehydration causes an increase in the concentration of salt in your sweat. The salt will, in turn, lead to skin irritation and friction. To be on the safer side, always have access to water when exercising.

In case you already have chaffed skin, take some time off working out and give the skin time to dry off.

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